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This approach is for entrepreneurs that are looking to invest between $1000-$2000, have the time and desire to be guided through a branding process with expert assistance. 


Branding Re-Branding, Small Business

There is no short cut to branding. It takes time, research, creativity and an objective review to make good branding decisions.

The more you learn about branding and how it applies to your company, product or service, you are creating a solid foundation to attract and retain profitable customers.

Creating your own brand helps you better understand your brand, which is critical in making future decisions about the company, its direction and culture. This will minimize brand drift, to keep you on track, while growing and managing your successful brand.

Brand Door guides you through a structured process of learning and applying best practices for branding your company, product or service. Brand Door offers you two packages: brand development and brand implementation. You invest in the package(s) that best fit your needs. A Brand Door Expert will guide through each desired package in as little as 5 to 30 days.

If this is your first branding project, we will help you unlock the unknowns of branding and help you move through the learning curve of creating your brand or rebrand.

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 Brand Development Package   Brand Implementation Package



Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.  

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