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Branding to Generation Y

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Best Practice: Branding to Generation Y (people between 1977-1994) requires an individualized strategy based on their age buying patterns.

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Today’s Article:  Generational Branding to Generation Y

Branding insights for people born between 1977-1994.

Generation Profile
Size of Generation: Smallest of the generations
Age Range: 21-38 years old
Potential Customer Marketing Years: 43-55+ years
Disposable Income: $$ (Income growing higher as they work more in their careers).

Overview of Generation – Look for ways to connect with this generation
Generation Y’s are very adaptable and comfortable in various situations with no limits, “no fear,” and “it’s all about me.” attitude. They are blunt, expressive and making their point is very important. They live for today, and spend big.

Generation Y is image-driven and spend more than all other age categories on apparel. In addition to clothing, electronics such as  smart phones and tablets are very important.

Generation Y want to fit in, connect with their peers, and look for peer advice in making product and brand choices. They trust unknown peer feedback more than experts. Younger Generation Y’s like the social aspects of shopping with friends. They are more likely to switch brands quicker than other generation. Key words for them include: collaborate, connect, co-create, and desire control in their life

Generation Y is Internet savvy and daily connect online. They were born into the world of technology and enjoy an Internet lifestyle. They lead in using cell phones, text messaging, web browsing, and blogging. Social networking is a part of their daily life whether it be Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Generation Y are multi-taskers doing things better and faster.  Being raised in a world of technology they are able to grasp new concepts and are learning-oriented. Change is normal and visual to them. Education is critical and many are in college or have entered the work force. They are predicted to be the highest-educated generation to date, with incomes that should follow. Most are innovative, curious, and planning for lifelong learning experiences. Open to alternative ways to learn, like online. They do not believe that educational institutions are doing an adequate job.

Generation Y feel that previous generations have made huge mistakes. They recognize problems in our world and want to correct them. These attitudes result from a backlash against hands-off parenting and a resurgence of values. Their beliefs resemble those of the generation of 1900-1920. They are civic-minded and believe in civic duty.

Gen Y favors the truth and what is real. This generation is goal oriented, highly motivated toward their perceptions of success, and already planning for marriage and a family. They were told since they were toddlers that they can be anything they can imagine. They are ambitious, demanding, and have core values of optimism, confidence, and achievement. They are determined to live their best lives now, i.e., happy, predictable, and healthy as tomorrow may not happen.

Image greenblack check mark 22306943Action Step: If this age group represent your primary or secondary customer, when creating and implementing your brand connect with this audience. If not, click on the link below to return to generational brands.

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