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Generational Branding to Traditionalists

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Best Practice: Branding to Traditionalists (people born before 1945) requires an individualized strategy based on their age buying patterns.

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Today’s Article:  Generational Branding to Traditionalists

Branding insights for people born before 1945.

Generation Profile
Size of Generation: Smallest of generations due to reaching end of life
Age Range: 70+
Potential Customer Years: 10+ years
Disposable Income: $$$$ (Second highest due to equity in homes and savings)

Overview of Generation – Look for ways to connect with this generation
Traditionalist rely on trusted ways of doing things they have used in the past. They believe in working within the system, are more conservative and are slower to embrace change. They like consistency. They have high brand loyalty for products and services they have been happy with. When a Traditionalist becomes a customer: build on that loyalty and reward it – value added offers, freebies, senior discounts and reward programs.

Due to their age they have greater concern for declines in health, hearing, and mobility in the future. They are community-minded, but are more independent with a concern of becoming dependant on others. In home care is preferred versus moving to an assisted living or nursing home care.  Comfort and quality of lifestyle is important. Retirement communities are popular with amenities.

Position your brand with being senior friendly. Consider print size of advertising, better signage and packaging due to future declining health and vision. Deliver targeted offers or posts about health issues and special wellness programs. Due to a desire to be more connected with children and grandchildren, they desire to stay connected. One way is Facebook.  26% of grandparents use email, Skype and text to communicate with their grandchildren (AARP). Remember as grandparents, they have time and sufficient incomes to indulge their grandchildren.

Traditional marketing still works well with this group. B2C businesses that target Traditionalists use traditional marketing like TV, radio, direct mail and social media like Facebook. B2B businesses that target Traditionalists consider using emails, phone calls, direct mail, exhibiting, networking and social media like LinkedIn.  Both traditional marketing and online marketing have their place.

Due to their age, many have already retired. Those that are still working in their career, have higher paying jobs due to the years in their career. When Traditionalist’s retire, many will be open to volunteering or being rehired part-time.

Traditionalists have substantial wealth in the form of home equity and savings. Asset management and wealth transfer are important to them.  But with their wealth, they also worry about outliving their savings. Many still depend on Social Security as a means of income during their retirement. Again support your brand with value added offers, freebies, senior discounts and reward programs.

Below are some trends: seniors continue to lag in tech adoption; among seniors internet and broadband use drop off around age 75; a majority of internet users go on daily; seniors are more likely to own a tablet or e-book versus a smart phone; and one-quarter of seniors use online networks.

Technology adoption among older adults

Among seniors, internet and broadband use drop off around age 75

A majority of older internet users go online on a daily basis

Seniors are more likely to own a tablet or e-book reader than smartphone

One-quarter of seniors use online social networks

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Action Step: If this age group represent your primary or a secondary customer, when creating and implementing your brand connect with this audience. If not, click on the link below to return to generational brands.


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