Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Great Brands Have a Great Story

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Best Practice: Great brands have a great story. What is your story?

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Today’s Article:  Great Brands Have a Great Story

People connect with a great story. All great brands have a great story.

WHAT IS A BRAND STORY? A brand story connects people to who you are, what you do and why you do it – the value to the customer.

WHY YOU NEED A STORY TO TELL. If you don’t have an inspiring or compelling story you are just another commodity.

HOW DO YOU BEGIN TO TELL YOUR BRAND STORY? First let’s look at other successful brand stories.


SuperJam Story  In 2005, at just 14 years old, Fraser Doherty was selling jars of homemade jam to his neighbors. A few years later, SuperJam was flying off the shelves of the world’s largest supermarket chains. Fraser transformed a hobby – from his own kitchen table, without huge investment–build a brand, made money and gives back to his community.  Biography   Book

Toms Story   While traveling in Argentina in 2006, TOMS Founder witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. One for One®.

Custom Ink Story  In 1999, three former college classmates got the bug to start a business after graduating.  They found getting custom t-shirts the traditional way was a pain-in-the-neck and that they could make it fun, easy, and reliable with a “design online” website and founded the company in 2000. In 2005, they were on Inc. Magazines annual list of  500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies.

CLIF Bar Story  In 1990, the founder set off on a one-day, 175-mile bicycle, halfway through the ride, exhausted and hungry, he just couldn’t eat another unappetizing, sticky, hard-to-digest bar. In that moment the inspiration for the CLIF® Bar was born. He took his idea to the best baker he knew, his mom, and developed a better tasting bar made with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to sustain energy. He named his creation CLIF Bar in honor of his father, Clifford, the man who introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his passions in life. CLIF Bar was formally launched in 1992 and was an instant hit with outdoor enthusiasts.

Blue Ridge Hiking Company Story In 2008 Jennifer Pharr Davis founded Blue Ridge Hiking Company and built a brand around connecting people with nature and themselves. Some of her Jennifer’s adventures: Women’s Appalachian Trail Record (57 days and 8 hours, an average of 38 miles per day.) and in 2011 was the overall Appalachian Trail Record (46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes, an average of 47 miles/day)

Live Oak Bank Story  In 2008, 3 people in a garage apartment and a dog, started Live Oak Bank that has revolutionized small business lending with one goal: provide business loans to independent business people in niche industries. Today, Live Oak is one of the largest originators of small business loans with one of the strongest loan portfolios in the country.

The choice is now up to you – make a brand, be more than just a commodity. Start with your brand story.

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