Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Welcome Inside the World Of Branding

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Best Practice: A branded company, organization, service or product has a greater chance of success and high profits.

Today’s Article: Welcome Inside the World of Branding

Successfully branding requires skills, strategies and a process. There are three general types of branding: corporate, product or combined.

Corporate branding or “monolithic” market a variety of products or services under the name of the company brand.  A company that uses this product brand strategy is Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz successfully markets 20 car products in five categories: Sedans, Coupes, SUV & Wagons, Convertibles & Roadsters and Hybrid & Electric under the company brand “Mercedes Benz”.  Sedans: CLA-Class, C-Class Sedan, E-Class Sedan and S-Class Sedan.  Coupes: CLA-Class, C-Class Coupe, E-Class Coupe, CLS Class Coupe and S-Class Coupe.  SUV & Wagons: GLA-Class SUV, GLK-Class SUV, M-Class SUV, GL-Class SUV, G-Class SUV and E-Class Wagon. Convertibles & Roadsters: E-Class Cabriolet, SLK-Class Roadster and SL-Class Roadster.  Hybrid & Electric: E-Class Sedan and B-Class Electric Drive.

Product branding or “stand-alone” market an individual product without mentioning the company name except in labeling. A company that uses this product brand strategy is Procter & Gamble that successfully markets 45 products in six categories under different brand names.  Beauty and grooming P&G brands: Aussie, Braun, Clairol, CoverGirl, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Ivory, L’Image,  Natural Instincts, Nice’Easy, Olay, Old Spice, Pantene, Perfect 10 and Secret.  Health and wellnes P&G brands: Always, Clearblue, Crest, Fixodent, Metamucil, Oral-B, Pepto Bismol, Scope, Tampax and Vicks. Household P&G brands: Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Dawn, Downey, Duracell, Febreze, Gain, Ivory Snow, Mr. Clean, Pampers, Puffs, Swiffer, and Tide. Petcare and Nutrition P&G brands: Iams, Eukanuba and Iams Veterinary Formula.

Combined branding “endorsed”  market using both a brand name for the product along with the corporate brand.  A company that uses this product brand strategy is Bushes Best. Bushes Best successfully markets 58 products in six categories  under the company brand “Bushes Best”: Baked Beans, Grillin’ Beans®, Variety Beans, Chili Beans & Starters, Reduced Sodium Beans and Cocina Latina. Bushes Best Baked Beans: Original, Boston, Recipe, Country Style, Homestyle, Honey, Maple Cured Bacon, Onion, Vegetarian, and Bold Spicy. Bushes Best Grillin’ Beans: Black Bean Fiesta, Bourbon and Brown Sugar, Smokehouse Tradition,  Southern Pit Barbeque, Steakhouse Recipe, Sweet Mesquite, and Texas Ranchero®. Bushes Best Cocina Latina: Frijoles A La Mexicana, Frijoles  Charros Machacados, Frijoles Negros Machacados and Pintos A La Diabla Black Beans, Variety Beans: Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Cannellini Beans, Great Northern Beans, Blackeye Peas, Navy Beans, Red Beans, White Beans Butter Beans, Field Peas With Snaps, Mixed Beans,  Golden Hominy, White Hominy, and Cut Green & Shelly Beans. Chili Beans & Starters: Refried Beans – Traditional, Refried Beans – Fat Free, Refried Black Beans, Reduced Sodium Beans: Reduced Sodium Black Beans, Reduced Sodium Pinto Beans, Reduced Sodium Dark Red Kidney Beans, Reduced Sodium Garbanzo Beans, Reduced Sodium Cannellini Beans, Reduced Sodium Great Northern Beans, Reduced Sodium Vegetarian Baked Beans, Bushes Best Chili Beans & Starters: Black Beans in a Mild Chili Sauce, Great Northern Beans in a Mild Chili Sauce, Kidney Beans in a Mild Chili Sauce, Pinto Beans in a Mild Chili Sauce, Pinto Beans in a Medium Chili Sauce, Pinto Beans in a Hot Chili Sauce, Red Beans in a Mild Chili Sauce, Red Beans in a Medium Chili Sauce, Red Beans in a Hot Chili Sauce, Chili Magic Traditional Recipe and Chili Magic Texas Recipe.


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