Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Brand Door Story

Brand Door
Easy Access to Expert Branding

We believe in your ability to create, market, review and when necessary rebrand your company, products and services. 

Large companies recognize the power of a great brand, have a brand manager or work with outside branding agencies. 

Branding is just as important for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-size businesses.  

All successful companies are built on a great brand.


According to the Small Business Administration, there are 30 million small businesses in America. The majority of these small businesses cannot afford a full service branding agency. In 2018, Brand Door was founded to support entrepreneurs and small businesses that want or need to handle their branding in-house.  Empowered by assisting over 1,000 startup, growth and scale-up businesses, four affordable branding systems were developed: Create a Brand, Market a Brand, Brand Review and Rebranding. 

According to the SBA “Entrepreneurs are the innovators who take risks on ideas, invest in their communities, and create jobs. Their skills and creativity not only support their own families, but they also make our neighborhoods and cities vibrant places to live and work, fueling our overall economic strength.” We were inspired to better support these entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers by creating Brand Door.

                                             Gary Heisey   Founding Brand and Marketing Strategist


To inspire and give you the skills to successfully brand and market your company, it’s products and services.  We help you save thousands of dollars in branding costs. 


Brand Door welcomes you “inside the world of successful branding”. Brand Door is always open to you.

According to Forbes, pricing for branding that include business strategy range from $10,000 to $50,000 plus, but have no ceiling.  A good way to identify these agencies is to look at their questions. Are they asking about your numbers? Are they asking about your pricing, your process, and your profitability? If they are, then they are making sure that your brand messaging is supported by a strategic and profitable business strategy. $$$$$$

Brand Door Focus: Looking to brand or rebrand your company, product or service, we offer branding and marketing services, that fit your budget and need, to support creating a successful strategic and profitable business strategy. Now any business has access to professional branding and marketing expertise.

How We Are Different – Brand Door Advantage: 

  1. 12 Options Based on Your Need, Budget ($-$$$$$) and Preferred Delivery Style
  2. Branding Design (Designed with industry best practices)
  3. Branding Process (Guides you through a step-by-step process)
  4. Fits into Your Schedule (Go at your own pace)
  5. Select the System You Need (Create Your Brand, Market Your Brand, Brand Review or Rebranding)

Based on your branding need and budget, select one of the 12 options.

Brand Door Menu

DIY Or Inhouse Branding ($49)
Create Your Brand  Learn More
Market Your Brand  Learn More
Brand Review  Learn More
Rebranding  Learn More 

Brand Coach Online (Branding with 30 days of online support $399)
Create Your Brand  Learn More
Market Your Brand Learn More
Brand Review  Learn More 
Rebranding  Learn More

Brand Learning in a Classroom $$ –  Contact Us for a quote
(Create Your Brand, Market Your Brand, Brand Review or Rebranding)

Brand Coach Onsite $$$$ – Contact Us for a quote
(Team facilitation on branding and marketing in your organization)

Custom Brand Services $$$$$ –  Contact Us for a quote 
Brand experts will work with you to create a unique brand, brand marketing, brand review or rebranding)

Speaking Services $$$ at your next retreat or industry conference – Learn More or Contact Us for a quote

Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.

When you learn how to brand your own company, you have a more solid foundation to grow your business and have a competitive advantage over your competitors, who have less branding expertise. 

Click on the links below to learn more about the  DIY Systems.

 Create Your Brand    Market Your Brand    Brand Review    Rebranding

Have a question or need more info click on the Contact Us link.   Contact Us

More About Brand Door

Our logo is an opening red door. Why red? Red is natural for our logo because in many cultures, red means “welcome.” We welcome you inside the world of successful branding. Red also invites good luck and happiness. With a good brand, good fortune comes your way by attracting new potential customers and by retaining existing profitable customers. A good brand creates trust and happy customers.

Gary Heisey - photo

Gary Heisey, founder of Brand Door, in working as an economic planner and Small Business Center Director, has assisted over 1,000 companies with their branding, marketing, advertising and sales. Gary has taught over 800 business seminars and planned-facilitated over 40 one day business conferences.

Many start-ups and entrepreneurs cannot afford  full service branding agency fees.  That is why Brand Door was founded. Every entrepreneur can use a break when starting or scaling-up their business.

Blue Ridge ParkayThat is why we offer a menu of branding services that fit your budget and time schedule. This is just one way we support entrepreneurs. Gary also on various non-profit business boards and committees to support the entrepreneurial community.

In addition, each year Brand Door picks out a community project to support great brands. In 2017, Gary finished walking and bicycling the 469 mile Blue Ridge Parkway and in 2018 the 105 mile Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park . During the walking phase, Gary picked up roadside litter. “People come to these great American Roadways for natural beauty and to get away.”  Also in 2018 and into 2019, Gary  continues to partner with SCORE in North Carolina by donating his time to provide seminars for entrepreneurs on branding and marketing. In addition, Gary served as a volunteer moderator and presenter for Word Camp Asheville. Word Camp is great opportunity to strengthen your branded website and they are held locally and around the world.

Each year he speaks at business conferences, works with companies onsite that want a facilitated in-house branding process or at retreat locations on their brand.

Gary Heisey has Been Recognized by:
• Small Business Administration 
• National Association of Entrepreneurship 
• Mountain BizWorks
• 2016 North Carolina Community College Staff of the Year Award
• 2014 Dr. Molly A. Parkhill Staff Person of the Year Award

Testimonials and Feedback from Entrepreneurs


Best comprehensive presentation on branding I have attended. Presented a clear “path” to creating an effective brand.

Provided a great outline and process for where to start and what to think about when building a brand. Very methodical and practical.

Great! Simple walk-thru of branding action steps.

Gary broke down the different steps to branding in a clear thoughtful way.

Really good outline and info for those starting and needing to improve their brand. Well organized and kept audience on track and engaged.

Great advice especially about a business pivot point and  how to word a tagline. 

Smart! Quick! Clever! Thoughtful!  The tools provided were super helpful.

Process was smooth and simple through a complex topic/subject: branding.

Gary was knowledge, clear and helpful, especially with brand story.

Helped with finding my name, very personalized seminar.

The scale-up tips and ideas where priceless. Several resources provided I did not know about. Really good! Learned new information!

Really good ideas and resources on branding. Need to share with my entrepreneur friends.

Great info! Gary was the best. Thank you

Well done! I learned many new things I can share with SCORE clients.

Really helped with Google My Business, logo and tagline.

Excellent program and Gary gave great info along with engaging people, without pressuring to participate. 

Fantastic class! Presenter extremely knowledgeable, organized and engaging.


Recently I attended a seminar for entrepreneurs on Branding led by Gary Heisey. Gary has extensive experience guiding and assisting small business owners both in terms of his own consulting business and via his years of association with a local community college small business department. I’ve been exposed to marketing and branding at corporate levels for a number of years, but I found his presentation both informative and enlightening. Gary brought home to the participants, and explained in clear and understandable terms, lots of practical, “how-to” info and tools pertinent to effectively branding a business in today’s complex and highly competitive market.

Additionally, he has a very well done website offering a variety of advice and tools on branding. While some of his advice is free, he charges what I think are nominal fees for some of his tools. He offers some excellent services at very reasonable prices.If you are seeking branding advice and assistance, look up Gary Heisey and take your business to the next level!

Brand Door did two branding seminars – Every Business Needs a Good Brand on the Henderson and Transylvania County Campuses of Blue Ridge Community College for the BRCC Small Business Center and SCORE as a partner.100% of the participants evaluations were excellent!

We had Brand Door creator Gary Heisey in recently to do a Lunch n’ Learn session focusing on branding for tourism-related businesses. The session was lively and informative, and Gary brings a wealth of knowledge gained from years directing a business incubator. I think any business that is just getting started and wants to develop a brand, or an established business that needs to build its brand, could benefit by this sort of training.


  • Thanks, I now have a name, tagline and logo to launch my business. 
  • Learned new practical information to market my business and brand.
  • Thanks for real examples on how to move forward with my brand.
  • Very helpful and informative – it helped me with my tagline.
  • Great direction and inspiration on creating my elevator speech.
  • Great advice on how to create and showcase my brand story on my company’s website About Us Page.
  • Kudos to Gary for his innovation, he is excellent.
  • Gary was a well prepared and knowledgeable speaker. He was engaging and pleasant to work with.
  • Thanks so much for the guidance and help you provided.
  • Gary does a wonderful job and an invaluable resource that’s much appreciated!
  • Very pleased with Gary Heisey’s commitment, passion and dedication are second to none!
  • Gary is amazing! He provided current & useful information and explained how our company can benefit from it.
  • Very helpful. The new ideas I learned will help me with my business.
  • Gary offered many ideas to grow my business. Gary also helped me set new goals and achieve them.
  • Gary challenged me to enter a business plan contest in 2016. With his assistance, I won the contest.
  •  Gary assisted me in successfully finding funding to expand my business to over 100 locations.


  • Gary was very helpful and answered all my questions. He had plenty of knowledge and was very understanding.
  • After being in business 34 years, I learned a lot of new things.
  • Great examples of logos and brands.
  • Very detailed. Gary Heisey did an excellent job.
  • Individual attention. Awesome.
  • Ideas kept just rolling up – stimulated much thinking.
  • Long list of examples of taglines were very helpful.
  • Would highly recommend. Easy to understand. Gary is good at explaining.
  • Liked most info on name identification. Excellent job done.
  • Thought provoking. Helped me feel more competent.
  • I got new ideas for my business. I would come back.
  • Most liked openness of Gary for any and all future needs and questions.
  • Learned how to prevent mistakes with business naming.
  • Good explanation of elevator speech.
  • Liked Gary’s calm easy approach.
  • Key to starting small business info excellent
  • Most liked info on websites that would provide advice and requirements to start a business.
  • I got help on what I needed help with. Thank you.
  • Gary is knowledgeable. No fluff & very helpful.
  • Gary is very informative and approachable.
  • Structured. Personalized. This focused time to work on my business plan was very beneficial and much-needed.
  • All my questions were answered. Excellent.
  • Very informative. Gary is very knowledgeable and showed many websites that will be very helpful.
  • Lots of resources. Learned many new tips.
  • Liked everything. It’s all perfect.
  • Serious learning with a lot of fun.


  • Now I have great ideas to expand my marketing, improve my tagline and feel calm and confident about 2015. The time really flew by and Gary was terrific. I can’t wait for more on branding, marketing, social media, etc. TERRIFIC!!
  • 1st Place Winner – $10,000 Business Plan Competition. Without Gary, I couldn’t have done any of this. He inspired me and taught me so much.
  • 2nd Place Winner – $5,000 Business Plan Competition. Thanks for your help over the years!
  • Its Place Winner – I won $6000 in services from the Business Plan Competition. A direct result from Gary Heisey’s help with my 40 + page business plan.
  • Gary helped me make an action plan for 2015. 12 ideas – I will add one a month.
  • Gary helped me refine an online brand strategy for 2015.
  • Clarified branding concepts. Now I know I need a trademark. Helpful with tagline. Many helpful websites discussed. Etc. Etc . Etc. !!! Handouts were superb.
  • Learned some new tools and concepts that will help me re-evaluate my business brand.
  • I loved it all. Particularly useful were the 12 compelling content concepts to online marketing.
  • I liked going through websites. I know a lot more about price points and content marketing & MORE!
  • Gary is well versed on presenting small business topics, including internet marketing topics like website critiques, content marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. If you have the opportunity to participate in a class topic from Gary; go for it!
  • Lots of hands on “help” presented a lot of good material! Many thanks.
  • Gary gave me an assignment that “works for me” and will be able to do in 2015.
  • Great info re: all websites that can help with my business & good discussion about pricing!
  • Sharing own level of “Brand Knowledge”. Hands on help with PC searches, etc.
  • You are so awesome. Thanks for all your support!
  • Fantastic.


  • Gary Heisey is so knowledgeable and helpful with small business advice.
  • Gary Heisey’s help has been invaluable to us in starting our business. He has continued to help with business knowledge, and promotion of our new business. We appreciate his enthusiasm & interest in our success.
  • Gary is very helpful and will go out of his way to help you.
  • Gary is an excellent mentor. I rely on his experience, knowledge and ability to clearly define tough subjects. An invaluable resource!
  • Starting a business is a big venture with an extraordinarily large number of decisions to be made. Gary was absolutely crucial in helping me make informed decisions and providing me with resources, coaching, and information that would be incredibly difficult to obtain unaided.
  • Gary Heisey is an outstanding and trusted resource who never fails to provide valued assistance and perspective.
  • I try to tell anyone I know with a business or who is trying to start a business to start here first. It has really helped me over the years with information I needed to know, clarity about business goals and general how-to to get things done.
  • Incredibly helpful, informative, and supportive.
  • The help we are receiving is priceless! We are very grateful for the guidance, knowledge and connections.
  • Excellent service.
  • Have been very happy with the assistance.
  • Extremely pleased with the service provided by Gary Heisey
  • Gary, I can’t sing your praises louder or thank you more for all the hours you poured into working to make our bakery profitable.
  • I can’t thank Gary enough. I learned so much and was impressed beyond expression as to how professional and helpful Gary was.


  • 1st Place Winner – I won $10,000 from the Business Plan Competition. With Gary Heisey’s help, I submitted a winning plan.
  • Gary is very helpful and inspires me. He is a great resource and I’m very grateful for this assistance.
  • Gary has been very helpful and provided a very good base of resources.
  • Gary is always professional and very helpful. Gary is always “checking up” on me and providing suggestions and assistance to aid me in my business endeavors.
  • Extremely helpful with ideas and support to expand my business and to get my paperwork under control.
  • I have just started, but the initial meeting with Gary Heisey, gave me the confidence that his expertise starting a business was possible. He was highly recommended.
  • Thanks for the help. Excellent
  • Thanks for all of your help; I am sure that there is a lot more for me to learn.
  • My partner and I are unduly grateful to Gary for his excellent advice and tutoring. I don’t know what we would have done without his help!
  • I do not think I would have taken the risk to start my small business without the help of Gary. I have had a lot of success this past year and am very grateful.
  • Best thing I did to help me understand the business side of what I already know how to do.
  • I appreciated all of the advice that Gary provided for me. Thank you
  • The assistance I received from Gary was really great.
  • Thanks for your help in 2012 and 2013. Gary has been very helpful and provided a very good base of resources.
  • Thanks, Gary! You were a tremendous help to us.
  • Without the help from Gary, we would have gone out of business.


  • I depend on Gary for advice with continuing to maintain my business and help it grow in the future.
  • Gary has been very helpful and informative in the areas of helping me to design and launch a website, develop a marketing plan and better develop customer contacts and relations. His approach to business in general is very positive and fair-minded (ethical) which I feel comfortable with.
  • Gary is wonderful. I have just started my first official job this week!
  • Gary is very helpful overall and continues to assist with new ideas to grow my business.
  • Gary was very helpful. We are in the process of putting together a business plan will be working with him in the future.
  • I feel I have been empowered by the advice offered. Thank you.
  • Gary Heisey is the best!


  • I am extremely happy with the help and expertise I have received from Gary
  • The guidance we received relative to positioning our company in the market and has greatly affected our business, our operations and our outlook.
  • Gary Heisey has provided extremely valuable business advice. I have benefitted from his counseling & consider him to be an excellent professional in his field. I’m looking forward to putting the information I’ve learned into action in the very near future!
  • Gary is an excellent resource. Through individual counseling, seminars and connections my small business is growing.
  • Gary has been great; very easy to work with and very knowledgeable.
  • Very much appreciate the advice and expertise of Gary Heisey!
  • Gary is exemplary in his customer service. He cares about the people that he is helping and does and enhances the skills of individuals he works with. I look forward to an exciting new adventure as I begin a new business.
  • We love the personal assistance that we received from Gary Heisey.
  • I have been very pleased with the help and encouragement I received working with Gary.

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Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.