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Brands, Trends and a Dated Look

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Best Practice: A company’s image, products and services need to meet or exceed current trends and expectations in your industry.

Dated kitchen

Dated Kitchen


Today’s Article:  Brands, Trends and a Dated Look

You want your brand to positively connect with potential and existing customers. Does your brand and image reflect current trends in your industry based on what customers desire or do you have a dated look.




We all have had this experience when looking for a new home. When you drive up to the house, does it have curb appeal and look well maintained.

When you walk inside, does the home look desirable with current appliances and a fresh clean look or do the appliances, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, or paint look dated.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself?

1. Do your products reflect what people desire now?

2. Do your services reflect what people desire now?

3. Do you make it easy for people to find and buy your products or services?

4. Does your brand have brand appeal like curb appeal that positively connects with potential and existing customers?

Example: If your brand is based on a previous time period i.e. a country store, antique shop or a historical brand – it should reflect that time period.

Example: If the year is 2016 and your company’s look is 1990’s, people may feel your brand is dated and find it less desirable and make assumptions that you do not have what they want now.


Brand Action Step Check Mark

Action Step:  If you answered no to any of the 4 questions above, you have weakness in your current brand.

What is your plan to address these issue(s).


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