Start Planning August’s 4th Week Social Media Posts Today: 7 Strategies and 21 Ideas to Creating a Successful Post

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Best Practice: Successful social media strategy is to grow an online community of people who value what is posted & connect with your brand.

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Today’s Article:  Start Planning August’s 4th Week Social Media Posts Today: 7 Strategies and 21 Ideas to Creating a Successful Post

Social Media Goal: grow an engaged loyal online community so when they are ready to buy they think of you and when their friends are ready to buy they think of you.

Audience: Select your primary audience – Business to Consumer (B2C),  Business to Business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G)

7 Strategies for A Successful Social Media Campaign

1. Provide Value to Your Online Community
2. Be Consistent: once a month, week or day
3. Provide content that is fresh, relevant, interesting, inspiring or helpful.
4. Include an image that is eye-catching
5. Your audience is not only the viewer but their friends. Provide content that can be liked and shared. You want people to follow you and add friends.
6. Keep it Simple: you have seconds to connect
7. Avoid a Big Mistake in Social Media: Primary focus on selling your company products and services.  The first part of advertising is “ad”. The first part of social media is “social”. Think like a publisher not a sales manager. You are wanting to build an engaged loyal online community.

August’s Fourth Week Theme Ideas:

  • 21 Brazilian Blowout Day  (Idea: have people share favorite hair tips for summer season)
  • 21 Spumoni Day (Idea: appreciation day – treat employee or customers to Spumoni)
  • 21 Senior Citizens Day (Idea: recognize senior citizens in your family and community)
  • 22 Tooth Fairy Day (Idea: have people share favorite tooth fairy story)
  • 22 Be an Angel Day (Idea: be an angel today and reach out to someone and do good)
  • 22 Pecan Torte Day (Idea: have people share their favorite recipe)
  • 23 Ride The Wind Day (Idea: try riding an human-powered aircraft or flying a kite today)
  • 23 Sponge Cake Day (Idea: have people share their favorite recipe)
  • 24 Peach Pie Day (Idea: have people share their favorite recipe)
  • 24 Waffle Day(Idea: appreciation day – treat employee, customers or family to waffles)
  • 25 Whiskey Sour Day (Idea: have people share their favorite recipe)
  • 25 Kiss and Make Up Day (Idea: make up with people you are care about – life is to short)
  • 25 Secondhand Wardrobe Day (Idea: de-clutter donate clothes or save $ buying secondhand)
  • 25 Banana Split Day (Idea: appreciation day – treat employee or customers to banana split)
  • 26 WebMistress Day (Idea: recognize the women that design, develop, and maintain websites)
  • 26 Dog Day (Idea: support dog adoption in your community)
  • 26 Women’s Equality Day (Idea:  support women’s equality in your company and community)
  • 26 Cherry Popsicle Day (Idea: appreciation day – treat employee or customers to popsicle)
  • 27 Pots De Creme Day (Idea: have people share their favorite recipe)
  • 27 Just Because Day (Idea: today be less practical – do something for just the fun of it)
  • 27 Global Forgiveness Day (Idea: take the time to forgive someone today)

Clue: In creating a post, look for a fun fact, trivia, statistic, quotation or ways to make a positive difference. Always match to an eye-catching image.

* Note: If you have a retail or restaurant business, this could be a special day to highlight this product or add to the menu.

Brand Action Step Check Mark

Action Step: To grow the company brand, what is one or more content ideas that are relevant, interesting, inspiring or helpful that can be posted the fourth week in August.

Post Idea: 

August has 31 days. Each week in August we will share themes to help you create posts for August. Start creating your future posts today.

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