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Best Practice: The key to branding yourself is having the right information and using a system to create the right brand.


There is no short cut to branding. It takes time, research, creativity and an objective review to make good branding decisions.

The more you learn about branding and how it applies to your company, product or service, you are creating a solid foundation to attract new customers and repeat profitable customers. 

To make it easier, save time and get the best results, we have provided best practice branding tips on our Facebook Page to create a brand and/or implement a brand.  

Step: Review our branding tips on our Facebook page.   


Brand Development Tips

Welcome Inside the World Of Branding

What are Brand Best Practices?

What is a Brand?

14 Ways to Find Money to Create and Implement a Brand

What Business Are You In – You May be Surprised

Select the Right Brand for the Right Business Category

Select the Right Brand Strategy to Match the Company Pricing Strategy

Know Your Target Market: Customer Demographics

Know Your Target Market: Customer Psychographics

Select the Right Brand Strategy for the Right Age Group (Generational Branding)

6 Tips to Creating a Brand Personality and Company Culture

Competitive Analysis: Know Your Customers – Know Your Competitors

Competitive Advantage – Why People Buy From You

11 Tips to Selecting the Right Company Name

Domain Should Match the Company Name

9 Name Categories to Help You Find the Right Company Name

13 Tips to Creating a Great Tagline

14 Tips to Creating a Great Logo

6 Tips to Creating a Great Elevator Pitch

10 Ways to Protect Your Brand

Getting a Brand Second Opinion is Important

Additional Brand Development Cost (We will provide you tips on how to secure your domain name and options to assisting in creating your logo.)
Website Domain Name                                 $12-15
Logo  Creation                                                  0-$300+                                          

                                                                      Access Brand Advice

Your brand is your handle. The handle that Branding, names, logos, taglinesopens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you. 


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