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Grow Your Brand with Birthdays

Grow Your Brand with Birthdays

Every customer has a birthday. The focus of brand marketing is to strengthen your relationship with customers. Reach out to your customers on that special day. This could be a phone call, email, text or offer a program for them to come in on their birthday for a special offer or discount.  Best way is […]

Grow Your Brand With Texts

Grow Your Brand With Texts

Today more and more people respond to texts, especially millennials and business people on the go. Text messages can be used to remind people of pickup availability, appointments reminders, new offerings, specials, upcoming events, etc. Only use a text when it provides high value to the customer, not just the business wanting to sell something. […]

Every Business Needs a Good Brand

Every Business Needs a Good Brand

Your brand is more than your name or your logo. It describes the value you bring to your customers and the experience you strive to give them. A good brand will distinguish your company from its competitors, attract customers, and improve sales. In this seminar, you will receive an overview on the elements of a […]

Wishing You and Your Family a Happy E...

Wishing You and Your Family a Happy Easter

Next time you are in Asheville North Carolina, check out the Biltmore Estate Conservatory.  “The beautiful Conservatory was completed in 1895 and highlights a wide variety of exotic plants. Its tall arched windows look out onto the terraced butterfly garden and the Walled Garden beyond, and the pointed glass roof lets in an abundance of […]

Successful Brands Have Deep Roots

Successful Brands Have Deep Roots

Successful brands have strong connections with their customer base.  Strong customer connections support brand growth and sustainability, along with allowing your brand to better survive a economic downturn or a brand mishap. In 2018, focus on strengthening connections with your customers. Share this post with a business friend.

Brand Marketing – Customer Focu...

Brand Marketing – Customer Focus with a Call to Action

Yesterday I shared how Winter Garden rebranded themselves by building the West Orange Trail that goes through downtown in a landscaped park-like area that attracts people bicycling and walking. These active consumers desire healthier food options. Grow your brand by focusing on what customers are looking for. Example: “Savoree is located in downtown Winter Garden […]

Brand Marketing – Add Value

Brand Marketing – Add Value

To stay competitive in your market, as part of your continuous brand improvement program, look for ways to add value. Example: This bike shop, at their front door, has a directional sign to free air.  The Winter Garden brand in the past was based on the citrus industry and world class fishing in a large […]

Brand Marketing – Look for a Co...

Brand Marketing – Look for a Cool Idea

Look for cool ways to attract people to your brand. Is there an eye catching symbol that people that would be drawn to that ties in with your brand.  Example: Bike shop uses a penny-farthing, also know as high wheeler, in the front of their store. The high wheeler was the first machine to be […]

Eye Catching Brand – Clever Cof...

Eye Catching Brand – Clever Coffee Shop Name

Brewnette versus Brunette. Brunette is a person having dark hair and often dark eyes and darkish olive skin according to  Business took this word and cleverly reinvented with a coffee theme by using brew. The logo image is carried into the coffee shop with images of women from that era. What is your favorite […]

Brand Marketing – Directional S...

Brand Marketing – Directional Signage

When using directional signage for your business, incorporate your brand name, logo, tagline, colors, font style and a call to action into the signage design.  Help people quickly understand what you sell and use words to inspire and connect with them: best, homemade, fresh, etc. Share this branding tip with business friends.

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