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6 Tips to Creating a Great Elevator Pitch

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Best Practice: An elevator pitch is a short statement to create curiosity to learn more. Use an elevator pitch filter to evaluate the pitch.

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Today’s Article:  6 Tips to Creating a Great Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short statement used to quickly and simply define a company, product, or service value proposition. Can also be called:  elevator speech or elevator statement. The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should take no more than the time of an elevator ride between floors , or approximately five to ten seconds to create curiosity.

Today you want to build a relationship with your company’s future customers. Pick an elevator pitch that people can relate to, connect with, where a person can relax and be inspired to quickly ask a question where they want to learn more

Situation: You are in a public setting and meet someone new and this question comes up: “What do you do for a living?” This is the perfect opportunity to inspire them to learn more about your company. Clearly share how you make a difference in your customers world. The next question may be “How do you do that?”.


  • Weight Management Center: I help people lose weight, enjoy great food and have more fun.
  • Accountant: I help businesses lower their taxes and provide real data to grow their business.
  • Salon Business: I bring the best out in people so they feel better and look younger.

Best Practice: When selecting an elevator pitch use the elevator pitch brand filter to evaluate it.

Elevator Pitch Brand Filter
For each quality that your elevator pitch has, you get a point.
___ Easy to Say
___ Easy to Remember
___ Everyday Language
___ 15 Seconds or Less
___ Clearly Shares How You Make a Difference in Your Customers World
___ Quickly Creates Instant Curiosity Generates a Question to Learn More
___ Number of Points


Image greenblack check mark 22306943  Action Step: When you have an idea for an elevator pitch, use the elevator pitch brand filter above to evaluate it.



Note: If you are having trouble coming up with an elevator pitch that you like and scores high on the elevator pitch brand filter, it may be time to use an outside source to help you i.e. Ask the Expert.

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