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Brand Door is an online branding platform.

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Easy Access to Expert Branding


This new platform provides easy access to branding information, resources and assistance for entrepreneurs, start-up and scale-up businesses. We help you take your business idea, create a compelling memorable story and develop a brand that attracts new customers and retains existing customers.

Door welcomes you “inside the world of successful branding”. Brand Door is always open to you.


If this is your first branding project, we will help you unlock the unknowns of branding and help you move through the learning curve of creating your first brand.  Have a question, reach out to us. There is no charge to you for this service. “Your access to better branding” Brand Door Story

Below are four branding approaches: Brand Door Help Desk, Do-it-Yourself, Do It With Assistance,  and Expert Second Opinion. No matter your budget, we have an option to help you create the right brand.

Brand Help Desk is a free resource provided to answer questions entrepreneurs have about a brand best practice, brand article, brand development or implementation. Use the form to the upper right to ask your question (if using mobile device, scroll down for form).

Do-It-Yourself  is for entrepreneurs that are looking to invest under $1,000 and have the time to brand themselves.

$$ Do It With Assistance is for entrepreneurs that are looking to invest between $1,000-$2,000, have the time and desire to be guided through a branding process with expert assistance. 

$$$ Expert Second Opinion is for entrepreneurs that have an idea for a name, tagline, and/or logo and want objective feedback or that have an existing brand and want a review of the brand. 

Image greenblack check mark 22306943 Action Step: Based on your budget and time, select one of the four approaches for your branding process.


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Access Brand Advice

Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.      


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