Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Brand Review Workshop

Date: 5/4/2021
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Fee: No cost due to sponsor support
Format: Zoom

A brand is more than a name and logo. It is the perception that people have in their mind about a company, product or service that attracts them to you.

A great brand is like a 6-cylinder engine. If all 6-cylinders are not working together, one does not get the full power from the engine. The dashboard in your car helps you see how your engine is working. A brand review is having a brand dashboard to monitor that you are getting the full power from the brand.

Question: Can the Brand Review Workshop help you with your company, product or service brand?

Take this self-test. In the last twelve months, check each that you have objectively reviewed. You get one point for each. 
___ Brand Name 
___ Brand Tagline (short phrase under company name that connects people to you faster)
___ Brand Logo 
___ Brand Story (story on website that inspires people to connect with you)
___ Brand Pivot Point (example for a convenience store would be convenience)
___ Company Culture 
___ Brand Elevator Pitch (5-10 second answer to what you do that inspires them to learn more)
___ Brand Font 
___ Brand Colors 
___ Branded Business Collateral i.e. business cards, rack cards, etc. 
___ Branded Advertising Specialties i.e. mugs, tee-shirts, pens, etc 
___ Business Signage 
___ Website Analytics i.e. Google Analytics
___ Google My Business Presence (star rating and number of reviews versus competitors)
___ Social Media Analytics i.e. Facebook Insights
___ Customer Database 
___ Competitive Advantage 
___ Pricing Strategy 
___ Customer Demographics 
___ Customer Psychographics 
___ Business Sales and Cost per Sales Trend 
___ Business Profitability Trend 
___ Cash Flow Statement Reports 
___ Competition  
___ Employee Morale and Turnover Rate 
___ Total 

What brings people to a company, product or service is a well-crafted brand with all of the above working together to attract and keep profitable customers. All of the parts of the brand need to be current, consistent, concise and promote clarity.

Without going through a well thought out annual brand review process, there will be missed opportunities for greater success. If you have a score of less than 23, the Brand Review workshop System can help you.

Speaker: Gary Heisey Marketing and Brand Expert

Sponsors: Blue Ridge Community College Small Business Center, Henderson County Chamber of Commerce, Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce