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Running a Focus Group in 2020 to Help Grow Your Business

Gary Heisey Founding Brand and Marketing Strategist with Brand DoorDate: Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM
Address: National Technical Honor Society at 1011 Airport Rd, Flat Rock, 28731

Cost: Free due to sponsor support

A focus group is research that companies do to gather info about customer perspectives and opinions about their brand, new ideas, existing or future products or services. Focus participants are asked questions in an interactive environment and are encouraged to discuss with other participants. This generates ideas and provides a wealth of information for the business or organization.

Other things you will learn in the seminar are: When to Use a Focus Group. What is the purpose of a focus group? What are the different types of focus groups? How many people should participate in a focus group? And providing an examples of focus group sample questions. Lunch provided with the seminar. Reservation Required.

Speaker: Branding and Marketing Expert Gary Heisey with Brand Door

Co-Sponsor(s): Blue Ridge Community College Small Business Center, Henderson County Chamber of Commerce and National Technical Honor Society

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