Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Create Brand Growth with a Database

E-Receipts Promotional Poster to Build a BrandTo better insure future brand growth, it is important to create and use a database to reach out to prospective and existing customers. When you create your own database, you have control of that database, unlike social media platforms that control the database i.e. Facebook. It is good to use social media to grow your brand, but having your own database puts you in better control of your future.

When you have a database, you now have a low cost way to “build relationships” with people to better connect them to your brand. The best database to have is one that has their name and email address.  The email address allows you to share “valued added” info through their computer or smartphone. By also collecting a phone number you can also share “valued added” info via a phone call or texting them i.e. appointment reminders, invitation to special events, etc.

Take control of your future sales and profits today by creating or adding to your database.  Look for ways to collect this info i.e. off your website, social media, point-of-purchase, exhibiting, etc.  See the photo for an example of one way a company is creating a database to better connect with their customer base.

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