Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

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A brand is more than a name and logo. It is the perception that people have in their mind about a company, product or service that attracts them to you.

DIY Create Your Brand GuideA brand is like a 6-cylinder engine. If all 6-cylinders are not working together, one does not get the full power from the engine. Having only a name and logo is like only having 2 cylinders. You do not get the full power from the brand.

Question: Can the Create Your Brand DIY System help you with your company, product or service brand?

Take this self-test. You get one point for each that you have and consistently use.

___ Branded Trademark Free Name
___ Branded Tagline (short phrase that appears under company name)
___ Branded Logo
___ Brand Pivot Point (example for a convenience store would be convenience)
___ Brand Story (story on website that inspires people to connect with you) 
___ Brand Elevator Pitch (5-10 second answer to what you do that inspires them to learn more)
___ Branded Product and Service Names
___ Completed Demographic and Psychographic Customer Profile
___ Identified Profitable Customer Market  
___ Competitive Advantage
___ Best Pricing Strategy
___ Access to Capital To Create Your Brand
___ Total                         

What brings people to a company, product or service is not just a catchy name and logo – but a well-crafted brand with all of the above working together to attract and keep profitable customers.

Without going through a well thought out branding process, there will be missed opportunities for greater success. If you have a score of less than 12, the Create Your Brand DIY System can help you.

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We believe in your ability to create a successful brand.

Image of Door Opening - Create Your BrandWe will guide you, step-by-step, to create your brand using proven branding best practices in as little as 5-30 days with this copyrighted Create Your Brand DIY System.

The system has 51 sections and 140 pages covering: understand branding, 18 ways to pay for it, selecting your brand pivot point, create your brand story, brand culture, pricing strategy, using customer demographics and psychographics to select your name, tagline, elevator pitch, brand font, brand colors, and ideas for your logo. 

In selecting your name, we review with you 9 ways to name a company, product or service.  Once you have ideas for a name,  you will use a brand name filter, with 11 ways to objectively look at your ideas for the best name.

When you learn how to brand your own company, you have a more solid foundation to grow your business and have a competitive advantage over your competitors, who have less branding expertise.

You will also gain more expertise to stay focused on your brand, have less brand drift, and better understand your unique brand that will make it easier to make future decision to grow and scale-up your business.

By using this DIY system, you will not only create a strong compelling brand, but save thousands of dollars in branding costs.

Build you company on a solid foundation. Your brand is that solid foundation.  A strong compelling brand promotes customer trust, increases customer loyalty, yields higher sales, price margins and profits.Once you create your brand, we provide you a list of free business advisors to help you create a strong business operating plan to better insure success.

DIY Branding

Below are the comprehensive steps and pages in the system to create your brand. Each step has an action step to be completed. When all the action steps are completed, you have created a brand. The process will take between 16-40 hours. You go through the process at your own pace.


Create Your Brand 
Table of Content

Brand Door Story…..7
Introduction to the Create Your Brand…..8
What is Branding?…..9
What is a Brand?…..11
What are Brand Best Practices?…..12
How to Brand Your Own Company, Product or Service…..13
Brand Approach…..14
Rebranding Is it Time?…..16
What is the Cost of Branding Or Rebranding?…..18
18 Ways to Find Money to Create and Implement at Brand…..20
ROI – Return on Investment of Branding…..22
Transparency – Everyone is on the Same Page…..23
What Business Are you In – You May be Surprised…..25
Your Pivot Point – A Key to a Successful Brand..…27
Creating a Brand Story that Touches People …..29
Select the Right Brand for the Right Business Market…..31
Select the Right Brand Strategy For the Right Pricing Strategy….. 32
Tips to Branding with a “Below Market” Pricing Strategy…..33
Tips to Branding with an “At Market” Pricing Strategy…..35
Tips to Branding with an “Above Market” Pricing Strategy…..37
Know Your Target Market – Customer Demographics…..39
Know Your Target Market – Customer Psychographics…..41
Select the Right Brand Strategy for the Right Age Group…..43
Generational Branding to the Traditionalist…..44
Generational Branding to the Baby Boomers…..46
Generational Branding to the Generation X…..48
Generational Branding to the Generation Y…..50
Generational Branding to the Generation z…..52
6 Tips to Creating a Company Culture…..54
Competitive Analysis – Know Your Customers/ Know Your Competitors……57
Brand for all 3 Stages in the Customer Cycle…..63
Competitive Advantage – Why People Buy From You…..65
Domain Name Should Match the Company Name…..67
Company Name Should be Trademark Free…..68
Company Name Needs to be Available at the State Level….. 71
6 Types of Legal Structure to Build Your Brand Around….. 72
10 Tips to Selecting the Right Company…..75
9 Naming Categories to Find the Right Company Name…..76
Creating a Literal Company Name…..79
Creating an Attribute Company Name…..82
Creating a Legacy Company Name…..84
Creating an Initial/Numbers Company Name…..87
Creating a Company Name With Combined Words…..89
Creating a New Invented Company Name…..92
Creating a Related Company Name…..94
Creating an Alliteration or Rhyme Company Name…..96
Creating an Inquiring Company Name…..98
12 Tips to Creating a Great Tagline…..100
6 Tips to Creating a Great Elevator Pitch…..102
Select a Brand Color to Stand Out and Be Memorable…..104
14 Tips to Creating a Great Logo……107
10 Tips to Selecting a Font to Showcase Your Brand…..110
Getting a Brand Second Opinion is Important…..112
9 Naming Categories to Find the Right Product or Service Name…..114
Creating a Literal Product or Service Name…..118
Creating an Attribute Product or service Name…..120
Creating a Legacy Product or Service Name…..122
Creating An Initials/Numbers Product or Service Name…..124
Creating a Product or Service Name With Combined Existing Words…..126
Creating a New Invented Product or Service Name…..128
Creating a Related Product or Service Name…..130
Creating an Alliteration or Rhyme Product or Service Name…..132
Creating an Inquiring Product of Service Name…..134
Know Your Target Market: Customer Demographics (Resources)…..136
Know Your Target Market: Psychographics (Resources)…..138
Access to Professional Business Advisors….139

Brand Door Focus: Looking to brand or rebrand your company, product or service and want to handle the branding process in-house or a branding agency ($3,000-10,000+) is not in your budget.

How We Are Different – Brand Door Advantage: 

  1. Affordable Price ($199 investment in your future success)
  2. Branding Design (Designed with industry best practices)
  3. Branding Process (Guides you through a step-by-step process)
  4. Fits into Your Schedule (Go at your own pace)
  5. Brand Coach (Online expert advice to assist in creating your brand)

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Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.