Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Grow Future Customers Today

Poster promoting their brand to children, with a children's program.Even if you do not provide a service or a product to children, teens and young adults, start introducing your brand to them now. They are the future of your business.

The connects and impressions they develop of a brand now will stick with them for years to come. It’s at this time, that they start establishing preferences for one brand over another.

Here is an example of a restaurant where Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays 4pm to close. What is one idea that your business can use to better connect with children, teens and young adults.

Another idea: some banks give a lollipop, to kids in the bank or with their drive through.  I grew up in the Amish country in Pennsylvania. Each Christmas, the local bank my family used,  gave each child a large Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. Every year I looked forward to going to the bank and getting it. I have a lot of fond memories tied in with that local bank. If I still lived their today, I would be banking with them.

Your program could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or once a year. Be creative. Consider tying in with a major or minor holiday.

For holidays by the day and month –

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Gary Heisey  Founder and Brand Strategist with Brand Door