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Tie in Minor Holidays to Grow Your Brand

Glass of ice tea to promote National Ice Tea Month in June for brandingThe human mind, connects more easily and quickly with knowns versus unknowns.  Some minor holidays are a known, but for many the celebration theme is know i.e. ice tea (June is National Ice Tea Month).

Just like with major holidays by tying in your brand with minor holidays you strengthen your brand and promote new growth. These daily celebrations can revolve around culture, food, health, sports, pets, animals and miscellaneous.

How can you tie your brand in with these minor holidays throughout the year? Ideas can be: special promotions, sales, social media posts, community engagement programs, etc. Pick one or two a month to connect with your brand or that your customer base would enjoy. As you can see below, there are plenty to pick from.

For holidays by the day and month –

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Culture

  • Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Food

  • Country Cooking Month
  • Dairy Alternatives Month
  • Georgia Blueberry Month
  • National Candy Month
  • National Fruit and Veggies Month (Also September)
  • National Ice Tea Month
  • National Soul Food Month
  • National Steakhouse Month

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Health

  • Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
  • Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness Month (APS)
  • Cancer From The Sun Month
  • Cataract Awareness Month
  • Celibacy Awareness Month
  • Child Vision Awareness Month
  • Dementia Care Professionals Month
  • International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • Mens Health Education and Awareness Month
  • Migraine Awareness MonthNational Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Aphasia Awareness Month
  • National Congenital Cytomegalovirus Awareness Month
  • National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
  • National Scoliosis Awareness Month
  • Pharmacists Declare War on Alcoholism Month
  • PTSD Awareness Month
  • Scleroderma Awareness Month
  • Vision Research Month
  • World Infertility Month

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Pet and Animals

  • Adopt-A-Cat Month
  • Adopt A Shelter Cat Month
  • National Pet Preparedness Month
  • National Zoo and Aquarium Month

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Sports

  • Great Outdoors Month
  • Sports America Kids Month
  • World Naked Bike Ride Month (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Women’s Golf Month

June Monthly Holidays and Observances – Miscellaneous

  • African-American Music Appreciation Month
  • Audio Book Appreciation Month
  • Beautiful in Your Skin Month
  • Black Music Month
  • Children’s Awareness Month
  • Effective Communications Month
  • Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month
  • Fashion in Colonial Virginia Month
  • Fireworks Safety Month
  • Gay & Lesbian Pride Month
  • International Men’s Month
  • International Surf Music Month
  • Dairy Month
  • June is Lane Courtesy Month
  • June is Perennial Gardening Month
  • June is Turkey Lovers Month
  • National Bathroom Reading Month
  • National Camping Month
  • National LGBT Book Month
  • National LGBT Pride Month
  • National Oceans Month
  • National Rivers Month
  • National Rose Month
  • National Safety Month
  • National Smile Month
  • Potty Training Awareness Month
  • Professional Wellness Month
  • Rebuild Your Life Month
  • Skyscraper Month
  • Sorghum Month
  • Student Safety Month
  • Turkey Lovers Month


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