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Brand Growth Strategies – Learn From Milton Hershey

Wall mural of Milton Hershey used to promote the Hershey Brand

Milton Hershey

I grew up near Hershey Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey, the company and the town he built, was always an inspiration for me.

“By the age of 26, Milton Snavely Hershey was penniless. With two failed businesses behind him, he was an unlikely candidate for success. Yet Mr. Hershey, a man with steadfast convictions and an insatiable curiosity, turned his story from rags to riches by persevering, eventually selling his caramel company for $1 million to devote all his energies to making chocolate.”

Learn more. We all can use a little inspiration at times.

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Gary Heisey – Founder and Brand Strategist with Brand Door