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Branding to Generation Z

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Best Practice:  Branding to Generation Z (born 1994-2010) requires an individualized strategy based on their age buying patterns.

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Today’s Article:  Generational Branding to Generation Z

Branding insights for people born between 1994-2010.

Generation Profile
Size of Generation: Smallest of the generations
Age Range: 5-21 years old
Potential Customer Marketing Years: 55-67+ years
Disposable Income: $ (ages 5-18 are still living at home, in school with parents), 18-21 are working or in a technical school or college)

Overview of Generation – Look for ways to connect with this generation

Many Generation  Z embrace traditional beliefs and value the family. They are accustomed to high-tech and multiple information sources.  This generation uses social networking sites to build online communities with their closest best friends.  In the future, they will continue to use technology heavily as a part of their daily life.  In addition, they are influenced by new media, virtual friends, and the power that comes with technology.

They spend one-quarter of their media time using multiple media. For example, on a smart phone while watching TV.  Make sure your website is viewable by other forms of technology other than computers. They spend hours researching online.

Generation  Z value authenticity. They are street-smart and are marketing savvy. Peer acceptance, belonging and fitting in are very important in making new friends and  making daily choices such food, clothing, entertainment, personal grooming, and technology. Generation  Z  are very influenced by seeing other peers using products and services.

Generation  Z  value are very security minded. While growing up in the Information Age, they have been raised to keep safe and to be especially cautious of strangers.  They are shaped by their experiences, e.g., what they hear on the news. Increased education is valued as a means of gaining security

Note: Children as early as 2 years old are able to recognize brands.


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Action Step: If this age group represent your primary or secondary customer, when creating and implementing your brand connect with this audience. If not, click on the link below to return to generational brands.


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