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Generational Branding to the Generation X

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Best Practice:  Branding to Generation X (people between 1965-1976) requires an individualized strategy based on their age buying patterns.

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Today’s Article:  Generational Branding to Generation X

Branding insights for people born between 1965-1976.

Generation Profile
Size of Generation: Smallest of the generations
Age Range: 39-50 years old
Potential Customer Marketing Years: 31-42+ years
Disposable Income: $$$ (Income growing higher as they work more in their careers).

Overview of Generation – Look for ways to connect with this generation
The best way to promote your brand promise to this generation is with the higher use of online marketing: advertising, social media, public relations and referral/word of mouth with less traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, direct mail, etc.).

Generation X wants to balance family, life, and work and value a sense of family. The majority now have families with children under 18. Time is in short supply for these busy young families. Strengthen your brand by saving them time and if you are a retail or on site business offer options to keep the kids engaged while parents shop.

Generation X is highly educated with more college attendance and graduation.  They are less likely to be natural team players, less loyal to companies and are self-reliant.  They are more entrepreneurial and less prone to devote their lives to large public corporations. They will not rely on institutions for long-term security.

Generation X think globally, wants leadership roles, do not want to feel controlled and are more likely to be self-employed with a higher percent starting new businesses. Information and technology are important to them and they see technology changing their world. They are a more visual generation, read less, and scan first before reading.  They are more likely do online checking, text, use Twitter, shop and price-check online. To reach them faster and more effectively, use social media and guerrilla marketing. B2B or B2G businesses use LinkedIn and Facebook. B2C businesses look at Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for a retail business. Traditional marketing has its place, but is less effective.

Characteristics of Generation X workers: adaptability, autonomy, balance between work and life, work to live not live to work, desire feedback and recognition, flexible work hours, independence, technically competent, and are comfortable with authority but not impressed with title. Primary reasons for adopting flexible work arrangements are child care, continuing education, personal health and personal interests unrelated to family.

Generation X generation is better at saving money. They have taken advantage of 401(k) accounts, beginning this investment much earlier in their work life. They have not waited to put money aside for their children’s education. A value of this generation is raising their children with dependence on paid day care. Many seek alternatives such as working part-time, using family or friends,  or one parent being a stay at home mom or dad. They are very good about managing money, but may have less disposable income due to only one partner working full-time.


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Action Step: If this age group represents your primary or secondary customer, when creating and implementing your brand connect with this audience. If not, click on the link below to return to generational brands.


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