Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Developing a Brand Position

A brand is much more than a company name, tagline, logo, product, service or how one markets or advertises. It is the perception and experience that people have with a company, a product or service and how they feel about it.

A brand creates a desired position in the mind. For example when you think of a category, what are the first three companies that come to mind. Example: When you think of a hotel, what are the first three hotels that pop into your mind. The ones that pop into your mind  have successfully created a brand that connects with you. Another example is think of a brand benefit category such as safety. Many people associate safety with Volvo cars.

To create a desired perception in the mind of potential customers, one has to better understand who the customer is, what they want, how they want it delivered, what they are willing to pay and what brings them back as repeat customers. This is the foundation of a successful brand.

Successful companies have realized to be successful they need to focus on one main brand position i.e. Walmart focuses on low price. Do not make the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone: customer service, quality, price, etc. This is not a sustainable brand.

What one brand position you want to be known for and can consistently successfully deliver on: adventure, all natural, convenience, custom, customer service, guarantee, innovation, low price, organic, gluten-free, quality, performance, prestige, socially responsible, safety, selection, speed, etc.  This is the foundation of your business.

In delivering your brand, will you be more:  formal versus casual, serious versus fun, traditional versus non-traditional.

Will there be any colors, sounds, smells that will be associated with your brand.

Knowing what customers want and what you want to be known for makes it easier to name a company, create a tagline, design a logo and write content to promote a brand.

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You have access to four levels of branding advice: (H2)

Level One: Do-it-Yourself Branding(H3)
Go to Do-it-Yourself Branding. Study our tips, articles and success stories,  Brand Info and Q&A to create or rebrand your business.

$ Level Two: Ask the Expert – Brand Consult (H3)
Get advice from our staff brand expert to guide you in next steps on how to create or rebrand your business.  Brand Consult Service

$$ Level Three: Second Opinion (H3)
Have some specific ideas for a brand strategy, name, tagline, logo or elevator pitch and desire an outside opinion to assist in making an informed decision, we can help.  Second Opinion Service

$$$ Level Four: Brand RFP (Request for Proposal) (H3)
When your company needs agency project assistance to create a brand, rebrand or market your brand, request a “no cost” brand quote or RFP (request for proposal). We will connect you with branding agencies to respond to your RFP.  Brand RFP Service

Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, it products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.  “Easy access to expert branding”

Each year large company brands such as Apple, Goggle or Coca Cola are recognized. Brand Door will recognize the Best Small Business Brands of 2015. For more information in nominating a small to medium-sized company, go to Nominate Best Brand.