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New: Grow Your Brand With Repurposing

New brand: Cocoa Water product display and promotion

Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey, PA

Today recycling and sustainability are popular desirable concepts to tie in with your brand.  Today companies are creating new brands and growing existing brands around this concept. 

Example: RepurposedPod. Much of the cacao pulp is wasted during the chocolate-making process. By creating Cacao Juice, we’ve discovered a way to repurpose this pulp, reduce waste, improve farmer incomes and along the way, produce a mouthwatering, natural beverage for you to enjoy!

Cacao Juice is new product for the Hershey Chocolate World to carry since it compliments their brand. (see photo)

Example: New brands of bottled water take advantage of a by-product from making maple syrup, an iconic product in Vermont. The by-product is water that is left over from the process of making syrup.

Maple sap does not become syrup until it’s boiled way down, to reduce water.  The separation of sap from water created the possibility of the bottled water business. The water is being repurposed and is creating a bonus revenue stream to the maple syrup industry.

Look at your business or industry. Is there something that you can repurpose or recycle to turn into a new product or service which compliments your brand. Another option is to carry a new product or service from a vendor like Hershey’s Chocolate World did with Cacao Juice.

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Gary Heisey – Founder and Brand Strategist with Brand Door