Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Grow a Brand Versus Sell a Commodity

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Best Practice: Grow a brand versus sell a commodity. A brand has more value, desirability, charges a higher price and has more customer loyalty.

Scotts Earthgrow Brown Mulch


Today’s Article:  Grow a Brand Versus Sell a Commodity

A commodity product or services is interchangeable with another product or service of the same type, has a generic name and is sold at a price lower than the comparable branded products.

With a brand, you are adding value and desirability into the company, product or service and can charge a higher price.


This past weekend, I needed to mulch some of my landscape beds. Typically I buy mulch as a commodity in bulk and pay around $22.50 cubic yard. This time I bought a branded mulch Earthgro by Scotts and paid $3.33 for a 2 cubic foot bag.

I bought 14 bags and spent $46.62. If I would have bought the mulch in bulk as a commodity, I would have spent approximately $22.50.  Why did I send $24.12 more or pay 52% higher price?

I spent more for the branded mulch because of the added value to me: made from no construction debris, the convenience, color advantage and the guarantee. The mulch came in bags versus bulk that made it easier for me to transport it home in my car, did not need a trailer and then place the mulch in the landscape beds. The product came with a 12 month guarantee ” Color Advantage” (the brown color would last for 12 months versus other commodity mulches where the color fades more quickly).

Recommend branding your company, its products and services. Being branded will add value, make it easier to have a competitive advantage, charge a higher price, increase profits and build greater customer loyalty.


Brand Action Step Check MarkAction Step: You now have a choice to create and grow a brand versus selling a commodity.

Tip: Need to learn more about branding go to  What is Branding?


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