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Bootstrap Branding – Brand Implementation

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Best Practice: Today with the Internet and online brand implementation resources it is easier and less costly to implement your brand.

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Today’s Article:  Bootstrap Branding – Brand Implementation

If this is your first brand implementation project, there is help to unlock the unknowns of branding and help you move through the learning curve of implementing your first brand or rebrand.

Below are six initial ways implement your brand or rebrand through bootstrapping. 


1. An engaging website with fresh relevant content is one good way to implement your brand. If you are bootstrapping, consider a free Word Press website.

2. A free Google My Business site is another great way to implement your brand.

3. Social media sites are free and can connect potential customers with your brand.

4. Business collateral material (business card, printed marketing materials, etc.) can be self-created and there are numerous online sources to print them economically.

5. Word of mouth and networking  are another great bootstrapping way to implement your brand.

6. Below are five Brand Door services to help you with brand implementation.

Brand Help Desk is a free resource provided to answer questions entrepreneurs have about brand implementation. Access Brand Advice

Do-It-Yourself  is for entrepreneurs that are looking to invest under $1500 and have the time to implement their brand themselves.

$$ Do It With Assistance is for entrepreneurs that are looking to invest $1500, have the time and desire to be guided through a brand implementation process with expert assistance. 

Expert by the Hour ‎is for entrepreneurs that just need some objective advice to point them in the right direction or need some specific implementation advice. $150/hour

Expert Second Opinion is for entrepreneurs that have an idea for a name, tagline, and/or logo and want objective feedback or that have an existing brand and want a review of the brand. $99-$950

 Action Step
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Based on your budget and time, select some of the approaches above for implementing your branding or rebrand.



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Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.  “Easy access to expert branding”

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