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Content Submission Form

We accept three types of branding submissions: Tips, Articles and Success Stories.

Branding Tip: Content for a tip or best practice needs to be 140 characters or less and written to inspire action in creating, improving or rebranding a company, product or service.

Branding Article: Content for an article needs to be 1000 words or less and written with practical information on strategies to create, improve or rebrand a company, product or service. Give specific examples of ways to establish a brand, expand a brand or trends in an industry that affect branding. The information should be easy to read and can be implemented. Each article should have a copyright free photo or image that is related.

Branding Success Story: Content for a story needs to be 1000 words of less and clearly shares how branding has helped the company or organization be more successful. Give specific examples of how branding was used to create success. This story is designed to be inspirational and informational. It may be submitted by a firm that has worked with the client company or a company directly. Each article should have a copyright free photo or image that is related, can be a company logo.

Note: We do not guarantee content will be published and do not return unpublished content. All content must be original and copyright free. Authors will be clearly recognized as the source of the story.

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