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Creating a Related Product Name

Today’s Tip

Best Practice: Creating a related product name takes the known positive associations of a word and connects it to the product.

Green Olive is a known item that people can relate to

Green Olive is a known item that people can relate to

Today’s Article:  Creating a Related Product Name

Related product names take the existing meaning of a word or qualities associated with it and connect it with the product. These words already have a known positive association in the mind. Example: Jaguar (this car is associated with the qualities of the animal: speed, streamlined body contour, regal look, etc.).  Example of real words with a new created association: Chef Boyardee® (People associate great food created by chefs. “With his brothers Mario and Paul, Chef Hector starts the Chef Boyardee Company. They spell the name phonetically to keep American tongues from twisting on the Italian pronunciation.”)

Pros: People already have a built-in associations with the word(s) and now connect them with the product. Makes it easier to create a logo using the image associated with the word.



Cons: May be difficult to find an available matching domain name without a hyphen and trademarking may be more challenging.

Other Examples: Almond Joy, Apple Jacks, Arm & Hammer, Aunt Jemima, Axe, Baby Ruth, Banana Boat, Banana Republic, Bazooka, Betty Crocker, Cabbage Patch Kids, Cap’n Crunch, Captain Morgan, Clif Bar, Cover Girl, Crown Royal, Dr Pepper, Dr. Scholl’s, Famous Amos, Fruit of the Loom, Fruit Harvest, Goldfish, Hidden Valley, Hungry-Man, Hush Puppies, Ice Breakers, Igloo, Irish Spring, Ivory, Jolly Rancher, Land O’Lakes, Liquid-Plumr, Mountain Dew, Mr. Bubble ,Mr. Clean, Mr. Pibb, Mr. Potato Head, Mr. Sub, Ocean Spray, Rainbow Brite, RockStar Energy Drink, Starburst, Sun Chips, Tidy Cats, Turtle Wax or Uncle Ben’s.

Number System: 0-poor, 1-fair, 2-good, 3-excellent.
___ Easy to Say and Pronounce
___ Easy to Remember
___ Easy to Spell
___ Name is Web-Ready: Exact Match Domain Name with no hyphen (Domain Search)
___ Trademark is Available (Trademark Search)
___ Available in Your State (Online check with your State Department of Incorporation)
___ Social Media Identity Availability (Example Facebook (B2C), LinkedIn (B2B), etc.)
___ Stands out from the Competition in a Favorable Way
___ Has no Negative Meanings (Example: when translated to a foreign market’s language)
___ Name Allows You to Add New Services or Products in the Future
Number of Points


Action Step: Make a list of related words with positive associations to create a product name. Take the list and start combining them until you come up with 1-3 concepts that you like. Next go to the name filter above to evaluate how available and good a name is.

Note: If you are having trouble coming up with a name that you like and is rated high by the brand filter, it may be time to look for an outside source to help you i.e. Ask the Expert.

Recommendation: In a branding process, it is important to also look at names in other name categories:  Literal,  Attribute, Legacy, Initials/Numbers, Combined Words, New Invented,  Alliteration/Rhyme, and Inquiring. This helps you expand they way you look at your product, to find the best name to connect with your target market, that stands out from the competition and reflects your brand position.

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