Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.


A brand is more than a name and logo. It is the perception that people have in their mind about a company, product or service that attracts them to you.

Rebranding DIY GuideA new coat of paint on a building that has structural problems will not solve the structural problems. Rebranding requires a new vision that inspires customers, employees, investors, and the public to see the company, service or product in a new light. This may or may not involve a new name, logo, tagline, or elevator pitch, etc.

Take this self-test. Check each that you now experience. You get one point for each. 

___ Flat or Declining Sales
___ Flat or Declining Profit
___ Brand Elements Not Working 
___ Missing Brand Elements (Tagline, Brand Story, Elevator Pitch, etc.)
___ Business Merger, Acquisition or Demerger 
___ Trademark Infringement 
___ Negative Association with Brand
___ Expand a Limited Original Brand  
___ Transform a Brand  
___ Add Value to an Existing Brand 
___ Declining Brand 
___ Brand with Service or Product Dependability Issues
___ Brand Associated with Unhealthy Options
___ Outdated Brand 
___ Total

If you checked any of the above, Brand Door can help you create a new brand. With rebranding, you will also gain more expertise to stay focused on your brand, have less brand drift, and better understand your unique brand that will make it easier to make future decision to grow and scale-up your business. 

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Note: As a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) company, we offer a Low Wealth Entrepreneur Scholarship for those that qualify.