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A tag line is a two to seven word phrase that accompanies your company name and logo. It conveys your company’s most important benefits and/or what you want your customers to remember about you. Great tag lines just seem to flow and stick in your memory. Shorter is better. Company products or services can also have a tagline.

In creating a tagline, write a list of what makes you unique in your customer’s mind. What makes you different from others in your industry. Now narrow it down to the pure essence of what your customers want and what you can consistently deliver on. Make a short-list of relevant words and phrases.

Companies Examples: The ultimate driving machine. BMW; You’re In Good Hands with Allstate. Allstate Insurance; Just Do It. Nike; We Try Harder. Avis; Think Outside the Bun. Taco Bell;   When you care enough to send the very best. Hallmark

Product Examples: Don’t get mad. Get Glad. Glad; How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S. Rolaids; Look, Ma, no cavities! Crest; The quicker picker-upper. Bounty

Today you want to build a relationship with your company’s customers. Pick a tagline that customers are attracted to and can connect with.

Best Practice: When selecting a tagline use a tagline brand filter to evaluate it.

When you have an idea for a tagline, use the tagline brand filter below.
For each quality that your tagline matches, you get a point.

___ Easy to Say

___ Easy to Remember

___ Easy to Pronounce

___ Short is better. (Under  4- 5 words)

___ Catchy Phrase

___ Connect with what Customer’s Want or Enlightens People about your Business

___ Differentiates you from your Competition in a Favorable Way

___ Trademark and Copyright Free (Check with

___ Positive Message

___ Has no Negative Connotations (Example when translated to a foreign language)

___ Tagline Allows You to Add New Services or Products in the Future

___ Promise Something That You Can Consistently Deliver on

___ Uses Different Words from Your Company Name

___ Number of Points 

Next Steps: If you are having trouble coming up with a 13 point tagline that you are happy with,  see your options below.

Having trouble getting started with finding a tagline and need a jump-start see Brand Consult

Have an idea for a tagline(s), but want an independent objective opinion see Second Opinion

Need outside creative help in creating and/or developing your tagline see Brand Quote


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