Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services.

Logo Design – Review Your Logo Today

Logo Design example Mango Tango

New Smyrna, Beach Florida


Here is a logo I saw when traveling that caught my attention. Take the Logo Brand Filter below and review your logo today.





Brand Door: Logo Brand Filter
For each quality that your logo matches, you get a point.
___ Attractive
___ Memorable
___ Timeless – Does not easily become dated
___ Stands Out – Unique
___ Simplicity – Clutter Free
___ Distinctive and Bold
___ Looks Appropriate for Your Business
___ Easy to View or Read
___ Stands out from Competition in a Favorable Way
___ Works Well with Your Company Name
___ Clearly Communicates your Business Culture/Image
___ Looks Good in Black and White
___ Looks Good in Color
___ Looks Good in Different Sizes: Small to Large
___ Number of Points

If you got a high score for your logo, congratulations. If you did not, you may want to relook at your logo design.

Have some friends that also have a logo, feel free to share with them so they can review their logo.