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Promote Your Brand with National Celebration Days

Poster of Key Lime Pie DayThe human mind, connects more easily and quickly with knowns versus unknowns.  Some minor holidays are a known, but for many the celebration theme is a known i.e. key lime pie (September 26 is National Key Lime Pie Day).

Just like with major holidays by tying in your brand with minor holidays you strengthen your brand and promote new growth. These daily celebrations can revolve around culture, food, health, sports, pets, animals and miscellaneous.

How can you tie your brand in with these minor holidays throughout the year? Ideas can be: special promotions, sales, social media posts, community engagement programs, etc. In October there are 131 daily celebrations. 

Pick one or two a month to connect with your brand that your customer base would enjoy. 

For October holidays by the day go to –

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Gary Heisey – Founder and Brand Strategist with Brand Door