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When your company needs outside creative objective branding assitance, Brand offers a “no charge” brand quote or RFP (request for proposal) service.

Request for Proposal (RFP)
A (RFP) is a document that a company advertises to secure bids from potential vendors for the development of a product or a business service. The RFP contains a description of what the company wants, requests a price to complete the project, references and a deadline. For example, a business may want a business name with a matching domain name, a tagline, and/or a logo.

Brand advertises your RFP to participating branding firms at no cost to you.

How does the RFP Process Work

Step One: Complete an RFP
Step Two: Submit to Brand RFP
Step Three: We submit your RFP to the Brand RFP Network of member brand agencies
Step Four: Agencies complete RFP and return RFP with quote
Step Five: We email completed RFP back to you
Step Six: You notify us which agency(s) you want to talk with.
Step Seven: You notify us when you have hire an agency.

Note: You can request two types of an RFP’s: Public or Confidential

Public RFP Process
When we release your RFP to the Brand RFP Network, your company name goes out with the RFP to the Brand RFP Network.

Confidential RFP Process
When we release your RFP to the Brand Network, your name does not go with the RVP.

Note: This is for companies that do not want their name tied with a new company, product or service during the intial brand search process. The Confidential RFP Process provides you privacy until you select the firm(s) you want to talk with about your project.

There is no charge to you for the RFP Process. If you hire a branding firm from the RFP Process, the firm pays Brand a fee.

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